Project Exchange

What is the Project Exchange?

Project Exchange is primarily an online workspace for Envision teachers to share projects and collaborate with one another through sharing best practice in project design and implementation.

It is also important to us that Project Exchange is open to the public so that other educators can utilize the resources the site provides to inform the work in their own schools and in their own practice.

Please join Project Exchange to take full advantage of the many resources provided here, as well as participate in the community of practice by posting comments and reflections, book-marking your favorite projects, and accessing curriculum materials.

What is Project-based Learning?

Project-based learning is an inquiry method of teaching and learning. For the students, the process starts with a driving question that will guide their learning inside and outside of the classroom. Working individually and in groups, they conduct original research, write papers, create models, give presentations, and engage in other activities to demonstrate what they have learned. They present their projects in the form of exhibitions to an audience of peers, teachers, family, and friends.

Who is Envision Schools?

Envision Schools (ES) is a nonprofit charter management organization headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area that operates innovative college-preparatory high schools that educate diverse student bodies, especially First Generation College Bound (FGCB) youth. Envision is achieving outstanding results with a student body that is 53% African American or Hispanic/Latino, 52% qualified for Free and Reduced Lunch, and 50% FGCB.

Envision schools use an innovative prize-winning education model with a project-based curriculum in which art and technology are integral to engage students in learning. Envision Schools believes that all students, regardless of their race, ethnicity or economic background, are entitled to attend high schools that prepare them for college success and democratic citizenship in the 21st Century.